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KeyTrain/Career Ready 101

Not sure if you are ready to take the WorkKeys assessments? Brush up on those skills first to help improve your WorkKeys scores. Take a free pre-test and access thousands of practice lessons with the FREE instructional curriculum called KeyTrain/Career Ready 101.

What is KeyTrain/Career Ready 101?

KeyTrain/Career Ready 101 is a web-based instructional program that allows job seekers and students to practice the skills that are tested on the WorkKeys assessments. The program is FREE to all public schools and job centers in Alaska. The software contains pre-tests, lessons, post-tests, and additional resources that are based on WorkKeys areas and skills levels. It also contains access to the WorkKeys job profiles, and lessons in soft skills, financial literacy, career information, and much more.

The curriculum is comprised of four parts:

  • KeyTrain Foundational Skills - skills aligned to the WorkKeys system
  • Career and Life Skills- Soft Skills for the workplace and life
  • Job Search Skills - Leaner interviewing skills, to build job applications and resumes
  • Career Exploration - Search careers by Workkeys skills and interest areas

ACT KeyTrain Features

  • Engaging, stimulating learning activities that motivate user success
  • Tools inspiring efficient learning by individuals with all levels of literacy
  • Contextualized learning content that promotes relevance to the workplace
  • More than 40 courseware modules aimed at every level in every WorkKeys skill area
  • Interactive exercises encourage learners to practice individual concepts
  • Pretests and posttests for all topics, subject areas, skill areas
  • Full integration of ACT job profiling data—exclusive to ACT KeyTrain and ACT Career Ready 101
  • Proven record in developing skills for GED® completion and college admissions tests
  • Only curriculum verified by ACT as aligned with the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate

The Career Ready 101 is a comprehensive learning system that promotes sustained success by encouraging career exploration, positive work behaviors, and greater capacity to develop resumes, conduct job searches, and succeed in interviews.

ACT Career Ready 101 Features

  • All of the ACT WorkKeys courseware and learning tools available in ACT KeyTrain
  • Soft skills content aligned to the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate Plus and ACT WorkKeys® Talent assessment
  • Instructional materials to support group learning activities provided at no extra charge
  • Interactive exercises encourage learners to practice individual concepts
  • Multisensory, multimedia learning experience combining text, graphics, animation, and audio
  • Capabilities to contextualize content to specific career clusters
  • Specialized content for learning to apply ACT WorkKeys skills to jobs and careers
  • Online applications for developing resumes, searching for jobs, and mastering interviewing skills
  • Full integration of ACT job profiling data—exclusive to ACT KeyTrain and ACT Career Ready 101
  • Robust real-time reporting tools for instructors, programs, and statewide deployments

Get Started Today

For job seekers, contact your nearest job center and ask how to obtain a username and password, then go to to begin! For students, contact your school counselor?? And request your username and password for access to the curriculum.


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