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Be Competitive, Get Certified

As a job seeker, when you are clear about how your skills fit into the job market, your confidence in your ability to get and keep a job and career increases. That confidence will carry over into the whole job search process including your interviews. Employers can sense and are attracted to applicants who show self-confidence. In this highly competitive job market, you need to take advantage of every opportunity that gives an edge above the rest. Alaska’s National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a nationally recognized credential which can give you that edge.

Alaskan employers, unions, and postsecondary institutions like Blood Bank of Alaska, Plumbers and Pipefitters and AVTEC are utilizing the NCRC and WorkKeys scores in their recruitment and selection processes now. You can view a complete list of organizations that Recognize, Request and Require the credential.

Earn Your NCRC

To earn an NCRC, you must take three WorkKeys assessments: Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Applied Mathematics and score at skill Level 3 or higher. WorkKeys assessments are available in all Alaska Job Centers to job seekers FREE of charge. The assessments are proctored in testing centers and capacity may be limited. Contact your local job center for further information and a listing of their upcoming scheduled test dates.

Certificate Benefits for Job Seekers

  • Stand out to businesses that request the NCRC in their hiring practices
  • Shows prospective unions, colleges, post-secondary institutions, and employers anywhere in the United States proof of your skills
  • Gain a competitive edge when applying for a job or working toward a promotion at a business that requests the NCRC
  • Identify workplace skills that could be improved, which enables you to see the importance of your existing and future courses.
  • Match your workplace skills to the skills employers need
  • Demonstrates your commitment to succeed
  • Enables you to rank above other job applicants who do not have the needed skills documented
  • Available at no cost to you

Want To Brush Up Those Skills First?

Not sure if you are ready to take the assessments? Take a pre-test and access thousands of practice lessons with the free instructional curriculum called available at the nearest job center. Ask job center staff how to obtain a username and password, and LOGIN to begin! For more information, go to KeyTrain.

Your Next Steps To Success

After you have received your National Career Readiness Certificate, it’s time to maximize your Certificate for the career that is the right fit for YOU!

  • In order to enable employers to verify your NCRC, you must activate your account at Once you activate your account, you must follow the steps to give permission for employers to verify your Certificate level. Only people to whom you give your Certificate number can access your information. Your User ID and temporary password are located on the back of the certificate.
  • Make quality copies of both sides of your certificate for distribution.
  • Attach a copy of your NCRC to scholarship applications, job applications, and resumes and list it under Achievements.
  • Already employed? Show your employer your NCRC.

Compare Your Scores

Once you receive your WorkKeys scores, you can use them to search the WorkKeys occupational profiles database to find careers that match your skills. Go to Search Jobs By Skills!


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