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Alaska Career Ready is for Employers!

Alaska Career Ready (ACR) helps take the guesswork out of hiring. ACR is an employee credentialing program sponsored by the State of Alaska. It is free and will change the way employers hire.

As an employer, you know the importance of hiring the right person the first time. You want to start by drawing from a pool of qualified applicants with assurance that they will have the skills needed for successful job performance. The costs of hiring, training, and retention significantly affect your bottom line. Hiring for entry-level positions is particularly difficult because the applicant often has little or no work history or a brief resume and educational credentials. Often lacking is a clear indication of the skills that the applicant possesses.

Alaska Career Ready and the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) gives participating employers that competitive-edge:

Benefits of National Career Readiness Certificate

  • Reduce the hidden costs of turnover and on-the-job training. Training takes less time and is more effective when employees enter the job with foundational skills.
  • Recognize, Request Require the NCRC, it becomes an additional factor in your hiring process. Save time and money Interview and hire applicants who have proven they have those foundational skills. With the NCRC, or other WorkKeys assessments, you've got the help to hire the right employees. With the NCRC, foundational skills become one of your factors to help determine if an applicant is qualified for a job.
  • Improve workforce productivity. The NCRC helps match employees with the jobs that correspond to their skill set. This contributes to higher job performance, productivity, job satisfaction and employee retention.

Become an Alaska Career Ready Employer

It's easy to become an Alaska Career Ready employer and it's free!

Hire the right person, the first time. Use the Alaska Career Ready program to help make better hiring and promotion decisions.

RECOGNIZE the NCRC, starting today, as proof of job skills and initiative when attached to a resume or presented by a potential employee.

REQUEST the NCRC from job applicants, as you become more familiar with the program. Start including "National Career Readiness Certificate Preferred" in your job advertising and announcements. If jobseekers don't have the credential, refer them to the local Alaska Job Center.

REQUIRE the NCRC when hiring or use to evaluate employees for promotion, once you have profiled the job.

After you become an ACR employer, download poster and display in place of business. Or request that a poster be mailed by emailing us at


See Who is Already Benefitting as Alaska Career Ready Employers

Many employers around the state are actively utilizing the Alaska Career Ready Program; see who is already involved by viewing this list. You can join to become an Alaska Career Ready employer by signing a Letter of Commitment today, download Letter of Commitment.

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