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Get Started Using the NCRC

The National Career Readiness Certificate documents an individual's work-related employability skills in: applied mathematics, reading for information and locating information. Certificates offer an efficient matching of talent with work. Start by RECOGNIZING or REQUESTING the NCRC in your hiring process and tap into this valuable resource.

  1. Contact a Local Business Connection representative in your area. Local Business Connection representatives from Alaska Job Centers work with employers to help identify their unique organizational hiring needs, and to connect them and local job applicants to the Alaska Career Ready program, to help ensure they have the right skills to connect them to jobs.
  2. Recognize or Request the NCRC:
    • Sign a Letter of Commitment.
    • Incorporate the NCRC as one of the factors used in your organization's screening and hiring process.
    • Include NCRC language in your job postings and descriptions.
  1. Display the Alaska Career Ready poster, to show your support for the program and attract qualified applicants
  2. Include information about the NCRC in your application packet or announcement. Let your staffing partners know you Recognize or Request applicants with the NCRC. Assist job applicants in finding the nearest Alaska Job Center testing location so they may earn the NCRC.

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